I assume i can install an older apk before the sms integration timer was added, freeze updates and use hangouts for SMS forever.

I have two questions

1) how can i find the most recent version that won't have the warning message 2) where are my SMS stored, will i lose the history?


You can check previous versions at this link. You SMS are stored on your device locally. You can always change to another SMS application like Textra or Default Android Messages

  • Yeah I'm aware of apkmirror, I should've mentioned that in the question. I was more accurately asking if anyone knew which version, or a way of me finding out which version, I could install that wouldn't keep telling me that SMS will stop working soon. I'm currently working my way up through versions until I get that error message! – Russ Wheeler Jun 8 '17 at 16:04
  • 1
    Yeah got it. But if they have any server side lock then it will not possible I think. Your messages are stored locally. You can switch over another messaging application if you wish. :) – Ashwin Mothilal Jun 9 '17 at 10:49

I've managed to get this all good. I went through apkmirror and kept updating versions of hangouts until I found one that didn't throw the "SMS will not work in hangouts soon".

I stopped on version 16, but could possibly have gone one higher I think. I'm not too bothered about having the latest features for hangouts, it's just a text messenger.

I then disabled updates in play store and I'm good to go.

Thanks for the answers everyone

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