On my Wileyfox Swift, the pre-installed keyboard is called "AOSP keyboard". It allows to type and to "swipe". When set to German, and I "swipe" the word "mal" (you can compare that to the English "just"), which happens quite often, in 90% of the cases text prediction replaces it by "NSKK". At fist I was irritated, then annoyed. Finally I looked up the term, which up to then told me nothing, and found out it's an abbreviation for the "national socialists motor corps" (Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps) – and now I even feel offended.

I tried and checked:

  • no such term in any of my "user dictionaries" (I had wondered if)
  • Editing the built-in autocorrect dictionary in AOSP keyboard suggests to unpack, edit and repack the APK – which for me (and most users) is no option
  • Where's the stock keyboard's predictive dictionary located? mostly speaks about the user dictionaries, also mentions the source for the stock dictionaries, and one user reports (in 4/2012, so not sure if it still applies) where he found the files on-device – but no way how to edit them
  • Delete words from the built-in dictionary? (2015) never got an answer
  • Most other questions here talk about specific keyboards like Swype
  • hints I found in several posts (like long-pressing the predicted word should bring up a possibility to delete it, or correcting it often enough should make the system deem it "more important") did not work out.

Is there any way to get rid of those stupid predictions? I'm fine with solutions requiring root, even if it comes to edit some SQLite database. Imagine every time you typed "just" it would turn into "KKK", it's a horror…

In case it matters: my Swift still runs on its original CyanogenOS 12.1 (Android 5.1), as I didn't wish to go MM with it (and specifically not Nougat, as it has no XPosed).

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