When replying or creating a new email, the signature does not load.

How to replicate:

From the GMail app:
Settings - [email protected] - Signature - set any text - create a new message

Notes: there's no Google Account set on this phone. The GMail and Google Play Services APKs were downloaded from APKMirror

What has been tried:

  • Setting up Exchange and YahooMail accounts
  • Clearing the app's data and reinstalling it
  • Restarting the phone
  • Changing the phone's language from Brazilian Portuguese to English (United States)

What else can I try?

Thanks in advance

GMail versions tested:

Google Play Services versions tested:

10.2.91 (430-144333517)
11.0.55 (430-156917137)


Moto G4 Play (harpia)

Android version installed:

6.0.1 (stock, non-rooted)

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Based on the suggestions given by Gmail Help (website) forum just double these issues:

  • Make sure you are not using an alias email to send your emails
  • Usually the signature does not show when drafting a message but is appended when sending (try tapping 3 dots at th bottom of message and check if see the signature)
  • Sometimes its the way the app is designed:

The signature does not show during drafting a message it is appended upon sending.

Try checking in your "Sent Mail" and if you don't see the signature, there are three faint dots at the bottom of the message, click that and you will see the signature.


  1. Why is my inbox signature not showing in my email after I send
  2. Signature hidden by "three dots"
  3. Adding a signature to reply and forward emails
  • Sorry for not being clear on that point, but the signature is really not shown/loaded. There are no "three dots". This is a random bug that I couldn't find in any other place, and it's happening with only a few phones in the company I'm working. I even factory-reset one of them, but the issue persisted.
    – shigutso
    Jun 12, 2017 at 1:55

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