Few days ago, I was taking a picture of a machine and the camera app showed a tooltip saying View details I tapped on it and a new screen appeared saying Product in the title and a list of numbers in it.

I have not managed to get that screen/tooltip again, but I am curious to know what it was, any idea? It is on a Honor 5C with Android 6.

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Honor 5C Camera App used for scanning the QR code and obtain the contacts !! explains this as a smart way to add contacts without typing

  • Go to contacts

  • Click on the QR code of the contact

  • The QR code will be appearing on the screen

  • Open the Camera App in the Honor 5C phone

  • Click on the View details. Click on Create new contact and Click on Add to contacts

I don't have that device but this seems to be what you saw and introduced in EMUI 4.1

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    It is not exactly the QR code of a contact (or a QR code at all), but I presume the app might have identified something on the machine and applied the same principle. Jun 14, 2017 at 17:27

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