I changed my device from Samsumg Galaxy S5 to S8+, and re-installed Clash of Clan, but failed to move the previous progress to the new device. I can't log into my Google Play account.

When I click the red icon 'Google Play account log-in', nothing happens. Sometimes Google log-in window appears and asks me to choose appropriate Google account but nothing changes after that.

I tried several remedies. Someone advises to delete Google Play Game app, but it does not work. Someone advises to delete cache of Google Play Services. It doesn't work either.

What should I do?


Try clearing app data of Clash of Clans from Settings->Apps->Clash of Clans-> Clear data
Then open the game and follow the tutorial until a gear icon appears in the top left corner. Press the gear icon and select "google sign-in" option from there. Then select your account and you'll be signed in to your account. If you're having difficulty changing accounts, that could be due to network issues , connect to a faster network and try again.

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