Hey fellow Android Enthusiasts,

I have encountered a very weird problem which I hope you could help. When I downloading large apps from Google Play Store, it always pause at a certain percentage, for example:

  1. Angry Bird 2 (about 120MB of download size), the download always stopped at 61%.

  2. Need for Speed No Limits(About 787MB of download size), the download always stopped at 97%.

When I say stop, basically the Download Manager would suddenly disappear and then the Download bar in Google Play Store would just be "stuck" at that percentage (data traffic speed also dropped from a few M/s to a few k/s before hitting 0). I have tried to download via mobile data or wifi and both still result the same.

I thought it was because my phones are running out of storage space, however my internal storage has 24.58GB free and SD card has 4.55GB free, either of which is way larger than the installation size of the two games listed above. It is also weird that the downloader stopped at the higher percentage in N4S game than AB2 game since N4S has much larger download size than AB2.

I have tried to cancel the download and re-download and it stuck at exactly the same percentage. I have also tried to clean cache (/Cache/Download and delete everything in there) and even tried to delete the entire Google Play Store app and reinstall and exactly the same thing would happen. I have also switched to different Wifi network and switched between Wifi and Mobile data.

My Google Play Store is the highest version I can find on Apkmirror (version 7.9.52.Q-all[0][PR]156316931) and I have given the permission to Storage and my Location. Phone is Huawei P9 Plus (VIE-AL10) and currently on Build Number B356 (Android 7.0 with Kernel version 4.1.18-gf6402d0).

Could you please help?


I would suggest getting APK files from your favorite APK website for the apps in question. Also, try updating Google Play from the Google Play store, NOT Apkmirror. Not to mention the obvious stuff such as force restarting google play services, or restarting your phone. You could also just give it a while. My phone does something similar where it will get stuck at 100% and will take a while to go to installing. Good Luck!

  • Thanks but I don't think I can find Google Play from Google Play Store...may be I am missing something... – zhuanyi Jun 14 '17 at 1:12

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