I am looking for a way to copy text from my Phone's inbox to my PC's text editor, sort of a shared clipboard. My PC's text editor has Ctrl key disabled. So, is there any way to paste the text from phone?

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    Are you looking to do this only once in a while or regularly? For one-off uses I'd just edit a mail on the phone, save it as a draft, then obtain it by logging into the mailbox on PC.
    – Andy Yan
    Commented Jun 12, 2017 at 10:43

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You may be able to achieve that using tools like Clipsync, Uniclip etc. to share clipboards over local area connections.

Using ClipSync


You need both the client and server. The advantage of Clipsync is that it is very small in size compared to other tools in this category.

You can get the ClipSync Android client from playstore (147K B size) and ClipSync server (desktop) (≈ 900KB size) from the main website.


  • First, you need to install the android app on your mobile device, and a Windows program on your PC.

  • After ClipSync is set up, there will be a background service running on all your devices. This background service will automatically keep your clipboards synchronized.

    Copying text from Android to Windows

Long press any text on your Android device and select Copy then paste the text on your PC text editor program with Right-click → Paste.


enter image description here

Screenshot (click image for larger variant)

Server (notification)

enter image description here

Credits: ClipSync: Synchronize your clipboards over LAN

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