The WhatsApp's 2 step security allows to set a code. So, whenever we re-register with the same mobile number, It will prompt for the code and will continue if it is correct.

Alternatively, WhatsApp prompt the code randomly. I mean when opening whatsapp sometimes, It will ask for the code.

But there is no specific frequency for that. It's just random.

So, my question is By editing any file, can I make WhatsApp prompt the code each time when I open WhatsApp.

Because I don't want other app lockers. If I am able to achieve this, it will work as an applock for WhatsApp.

Device : Yu Yureka (AO5510) Cyanogen 12 Official non rooted.

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That code input shows to help you remember the 2 Step Verfication code and Yes it is random. So it can't replace your applocker.

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