I have a rooted Huawei 5c that I'm locked out of. It requires 'SIM1 - PIN1' which AFSAK I never created. Normally one gets three attempts and then you have to input PUK (which I have); that I'm aware of. The thing is, it's not responding to 'three attempts', it just does nothing after numerous attempts.

A bit of background.

This whole issue began when I put a PAYG SIM in the second SIM slot. When I booted back up, it required 'SIM1 - PIN1' for the phone to start, which I don't have. I removed the second SIM and booted into the phone as normal. Went to the security section and this is where potentially the mistake was made. I thought the phone was asking me to enter (read: create) the password for the SIM card, but nope... it already had a default password and was asking me to enter that. I entered (read: tried to create) a password twice, and BAM... now locked out of the phone, whichever SIM is present or both. As I mentioned it is not responding to three attempts.

I have access to ADB and the command line, is there anything I can do with that? Any help appreciated.

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Something went wrong and the data are damaged. Here are some steps to follow, try each one:

  1. Try default PIN codes: 0000, 1234, 1111, etc
  2. Reboot into the recovery then clear the phone cache. Either with adb command adb reboot recovery or by key combo.
  3. Perform a factory reset from the recovery.
  4. Flash the device with a fresh ROM. You can get the firmware and the flashing guide from Huawei Support site. Unzip the zip and follow te instructions.

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