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I have Oplus phone with 5.1 Lillipop that stuck in google verification. Its says that I need to enter my previous gmail account to continue, but i don't have any access of it. I already forgot how I create that account. I have searched on google about this but I found nothing.

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Oplus phone is powered by Mediatek chipset (MT6582). Just flashing the FRP partition will bypass the lock. Require paid softwares.

Method 2: Try one of many ways to get a temporary access to the device. When you're in, do the following: (I won't show you how to access the device. You'll have to find how to by yourself)

  • Download this APK file and install it.
  • When installed, open it. You'll be asked to enter your Google credentials (E-mail and password).
  • Afterwards, factory reset the device (from the menu or from the recovery)
  • Now when the phone boots, it will ask for Google account, enter that E-mail and password (the one you previously entered before the reset).
  • Et voilà. FRP bypassed.

Disclaimer: Use this method only if you forgot the account associated with the device. Do not use it if it is a stolen device.

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