Before this time I've been using Samsung Android-phone with Android 4.4. There was the next feature: when I listen to the music in headphones and somebody calls me then music stops and I start to hear incoming call in my headphones.

Now I moved to Nexus 5X and Android 7 and things were changed. Now when there is incoming call music doesn't stop while phone is vibrating, but I can't feel when I'm walking on the street, so I miss a call.

I've tried to find a solution in settings but without any result. I thought that the problem can be solved by turning off silent mode but it didn't help too.


Happened to me too, but only when Ring Volume is zero (When you put it in vibrate)

I searched for solutions but dint find any, so I have a workaround for this.

Never set your Ring volume to zero, keep it at minimum not zero. Now it'll ring when you get a call stopping your music.

  • Yeah, you are right, but that is really workaround, and it works. But what if I want to keep notifications even in vibrate mode? – Gregory Yanushkovskiy Jun 21 '17 at 11:51
  • As i said above, I searched for solutions and did not find any. Hope they fix it in the next version of Android – dustblue Jun 21 '17 at 12:37

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