I have a NEXUS 4 device, I am not able to unlock because some digits are not responding because of touch screen issue. Is there a way to remotely change password?

I can pick a new password where the digits I press will respond.

I tried the google.com/android/devicemanager but it only locked, there was no unlock option.

Thanks, Satish

  • I've just added the locked-out tag to your question. Please check with its tag-wiki, where we've already aggregated material on the topic. With some luck, one of those solutions fits your device as well. If not, please edit your question and include some more details, eg. whether USB debugging is enabled on the device (as some approaches would need that). – Izzy Jun 26 '17 at 5:39

More of a hack, but I bought a micro usb to usb adapter, plugged in the mouse and was able to press on the buttons

  • Nexus 4 doesn't have native OTG function. – Andy Yan Jun 26 '17 at 14:32

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