I'm seeing this message is because I installed a device owner, right? (Note that I'm talking about a "device owner" in the sense of a special device administrator app, not the first user in a setup. Thanks to Izzy for drawing my attention to the possible ambiguity.)

enter image description here

This is Android 6. I never saw this message on different device running Android 5 with the same device owner installed.

The device owner must be configured immediately after a factory reset, before setting up a user account. I could factory reset the device and see if the message goes away, but I'm hoping to avoid that since I've already set up a bunch of other things.


This message is shown when a device owner is set.

I bit the bullet and reset my device. It only cost me a few hours of setup. The "Phone may be monitored" message appeared when I ran the ADB shell command dpm set-device-owner.

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