This is my first time here, so please be patient ;)

Recently I bought two smartphones, Blackview BV6000 for me and my lady. As I did some research I noticed that some Chinese brands have pre-installed spyware in Android build. Few days ago my girls' phone started to engage wifi, bluetooth, data transfer, precise location search and more on t's own. Quick scan with ADB through Command Line (CMD) on my Windows 10 x64 and I found these bastards:

1) com.adups.fota

2) com.adups.fota.sysoper

And I only scrached the surface. I wanted to root our phones so I could get rid of them, cause these apps are in .system directory and I have no access to them.

Here comes the hard part: First I tried Kingroot. It failed. Then dr.phone, it failed too. Then I tried this solution:


But no luck either. Every time I try to flash TWRP, so I can root from SuperSU it won't start after plugging the USB cable. So, in summary:

  • Yes, I did read a lot stack exchange posts, YT tutorials and internet guides before I wrote my down here :D

  • Android version 7.0 Nugat, Windows 10 64-bit (PC), USB cable provided with Blackview set, SP Flash Tool 5.1624 and 5.1720

  • I am sticking to the steps in guide from link

  • Phone is turned off

  • Phone is not plugged to PC before clicking "Download" icon in SP Flash Tool

  • I accessed developer options on phone with enabled USB debbuging and OEM unlocking

  • I'm using ROM, recovery image and scatter file provided from needrom.com (this one exactly: https://www.needrom.com/download/blackview-bv6000-4/) and I tried few more from various sources

  • I have drivers installed on PC (checked with USBDeview), MT67xx included

  • I tried SP Flash Tool both with and without "authentication file" field

  • After clicking "Download" button in SP Flash and plugging phone via USB nothing happens

If you have any advice, hint or other means to get rid of this unwanted apps I would be grateful. I spent already two days trying to figure it out.

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