My Samsung Galaxy S6 indicates constantly the wrong direction in Maps, compass apps, etc. as it shows the North always towards the left side of the phone. (This might be a long-term effect of the magnetic phone case.) Compass calibration is reported as "very good" and re-calibrating the compass by moving the phone in a 8-figure pattern doesn't have any effect.

Is it possible to somehow reset the compass calibration to factory settings?

  • Maybe you can find a configuration file and delete it. – iBug Jun 30 '17 at 12:39

Thankfully, it looks like removing the phone from the magnetic case and re-calibrating it fixed the issue.

I've thrown the magnetic case on the bottom of a closet and I'm never using it again.


I also had another problem, if I tried to pay with NFC it sometimes gave me errors.

I have removed the two magnets by making an incision with a cutter, in the back and front cover, so that I can still use the cover.

Samsung A8 2018 user.

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