I would like to change the resolution of my s4 1080x1920 to 720x1280 not the dpi but the resolution. I have root access and am on android 6.0.1. How can I do this.

I want to do this to see how much battery I can save. Usually my phone last 3 days (normal use) on my custom 7800mah battery without charing but I don't really have much use for an UHD screen so I want to see if it can last longer by lowering the resolution.

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Using adb, no root required

Use the command adb shell wm size 720x1280

Using phone, root required

Download any Terminal app, such as this one. Type the command su to enter superuser mode, and then type wm size 720x1280 into the terminal.

Source: http://www.theandroidsoul.com/change-screen-resolution-adb-android/

  • Does this method survive a reboot?
    – acejavelin
    Jul 2, 2017 at 16:50
  • Yes it does survive a reboot since I have tested it myself. I searched google play and found no apps that could do this. I will make an app myself using this method and upload it to the play store so others like me can have an easy way to change the resolution. Thanks @SSS Jul 2, 2017 at 20:03
  • This really does help, usually I lose around 30%/day normal use but I'm barely losing 20%/day nowadays. For anyone else doing this on s4, the best dpi for 720x1280 in my opinion is 300. I had 480 when resolution was 1080x1920 Jul 3, 2017 at 21:33

Since you don't want to use the dpi route, instead you can modify a system property in build.prop file.

Navigate to /system/build.prop and find this property name : persist.dash.max.rep.resolution under property value put 1280*720

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