I have Nexus 4 with broken touch screen and with Android 4.4.4 installed. I tried to connect a USB mouse using a OTG micro-usb adapter, but it doesn't work. The mouse doesn't even light up. Any idea why?

The adapter and the mouse are ok because I tried it on a different phone (Sony Xperia Z) and it works, mouse lights up, moves etc.


Nexus 4 doesn't support OTG as you can read here and see related questions on this site

It is possible if you overcome Kernel and power limitations as explained in Android Advanced: USB OTG on the Nexus 4

The first problem with getting OTG working on the Nexus 4 is that the kernel does not support it. This has been solved using a modified version of Franco's kernel. The second problem is that the Nexus 4 cannot physically supply the necessary 5 volts. The way around this is to use a Y-cable, and supply the needed voltage from an outside power source such as a wall outlet or external battery pack. Some users have also reported success using a powered USB hub.

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