Often, when I'm looking for the solution to some problem I'm having on my phone, the hardest part is knowing what to call the specific menu, or piece of the UI, causing the issue.

Is there an official (or non official but accepted) glossary of the different UI elements?


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I don't know if an official glossary exists, but information below is in line with what is generally used.

Be aware that the same thing may be referred differently causing confusion - for instance , what you use to access menu in an app or browser is called 3 dot(s) menu or overflow menu (official name):

overflow menu

  • Hamburger menu only refers to those displayed as 3 horizontal lines and expands to show a side panel when clicked on - different from the 3 dots which does what the MENU hardware key does -This icon is on the left hand side of screen (thanks to Izzy and Andy Yan)

enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here

  • Notifications and Status

enter image description here

  • From my device

    Notification tray

enter image description here

Quick Settings (Varies from device to device and modifications by user )

enter image description here


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