I went ahead and let my phone update itself and since then it's been realllly SLOW. Phone calls take 5-45 seconds to connect, which is beyond aggravating. Apps don't run as fast as they use to. And I am constantly reconnecting the Mobile network because it keeps losing it. Anyone have similar and get around it??



A brief post about speeding up a HTC Hero.

Are you with Sprint by any chance?

This thread and this thread have at least one suggestion: Have a look in Menu > settings > About phone > System updates > HTC Software update. Apparently there is a .6 firmware patch. Unfortunately, most of the posts are not reassuring. Perhaps time to upgrade/change phones?

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  • It is a sprint phone, and other posts I've read on that site suggest calling sprint, they may replace it. I guess into the call queue I go! Thanks! – David Lozzi Sep 17 '10 at 12:48

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