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Today I woke up and noticed I have to swipe not just one but two screens. The photo is the new screen that is completely unwanted.

After I swipe on that one, I enter my normal lock screen and have to swipe and put in my code like I do usually.

I have only Snapchat, Facebook and Facebook messanger apps. The rest of the weird apps android comes with have already been disabled or uninstalled and I haven't made any changes since I got the phone. Which was like a week ago.

How to I get rid of it. I do not know where it came from. It is super annoying have to swipe two screens and plus it have this black square on the first screen and it won't go away. Please help.

Thank you.

  • Looks like a third-party launcher. Do you remember installed such app? – esQmo_ Jul 11 '17 at 1:27
  • Although the screenshot doesn't match, this is a very similar question to android.stackexchange.com/q/143330/12442 Are you sure you haven't installed an app such as ES File Explorer? – Dan Hulme Jul 11 '17 at 7:32

I had similar issue and it turned out to be a launcher that I installed to change wallpaper. Needless to say I uninstalled it. Lol


Just tap the three little dots at the top left-hand corner and it'll give you the option of turning it off you'll have to tap it pretty hard, but it'll get rid of that screen.


I had the same problem and it was one of the apps I recently installed, possibly a water/drinking reminder App. But as soon as I uninstalled all of my recent apps I downloaded, the problem was solved: no extra pin/unlock screen and no blocking/making incoming calls blurry.

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