Most modern Android devices allow storing large photos of each contact.

I tried exporting all my contacts, then importing them. All the large photos were lost.

How can you backup the large photos associated with each contact?


Backup and Restore

Following the app recommendations made in this XDA post How to backup local contacts with their high res pictures ?

I set a hi res 1984 × 1800 picture for contact and backed up using Super backup: SMS and contacts , took a backup , deleted the contact and restored

To my eyes, it appeared to be high resolution as originally​ set

The other app was not tried as it was pointed out in app review that it didn't work beyond 720 resolution

I tried to locate the storage of these high resolution pictures to manually verify the restored file size but couldn't. Method described in Where does android store contact photos ? didn't work


It turns out that my suspicion was well founded !

  • As an aside, contact thumbnails ( used for notifications, messaging applications ) which are scaled down to 96 by 96 can be scaled up to 256 by 256 by this Xposed module Clarity

Bottom Line: Any contact picture irrespective of original resolution will look no better than a 720 by 720 resolution, whether you use an app , Gmail sync or for that matter in any manner


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