on my Samsung Galaxy Ace 4, I suddenly no longer have the option of 'gallery' to choose when attaching a picture/photo to a text/picture message. The other icons are there: image; take picture; video, etc. but not 'gallery'.

I can still go to the gallery and share a picture through 'messages', but it's really winding me up how the option to attach pics via the gallery vanished, and now I can't find it anywhere to restore the option.

Any ideas..?!

Thanks in advance!

AMENDMENT: I fixed this but not sure how. It may have been restoring the 'app preferences' through the 'settings' tab in the 'application manager'. It was one of a few things I tried, but whatever it was I can now attach a pic to a message using the 'image' option - it now gives me the options I had lost (ie gallery, drive, dropbox etc). Hope this helps someone at some point!


I had a similar problem where when I tried to attach an image, it went straight to my Google Drive, instead of giving me the option to choose Photos, Gallery, or Drive.

In my case Drive had somehow become set as the default. I went into Settings --> Application Manger --? Drive and hit the button to remove it as a default applications, and that took care of it.

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