I have an LG smartphone, and I'm curious what my device administrator should be set to. I have two options, one is Android, and the other is the anti-virus program that I'm running. Neither one are check at this time and I'm wondering which one if either should be?


Quoting from the Device Administrator tag wiki

What is "Device Administrator"?

An app can register as "device administrator", which usually requires the users confirmation. As device administrator, the app gains elevated privileges: it can e.g. define password policies (forbid "swipe-to-unlock", set a minimum password strength, etc.), but also wipe your device on remote commands​

If you don't give the apps the power, they may not work as expected. Apps asking for such powers appear under Device Administrator menu you are seeing

  • In your case Android Device Manager helps you track your device if it is lost (amongst other things) , so enable device admin permission

  • Similarly, enable Anti Virus app too, if you want full functionality

  • It's helpful to read the tag wiki. You choose the right tag wiki but probably didn't go beyond that :) – beeshyams Jul 13 '17 at 6:37
  • By granting them permissions, they don't control your device completely. They only use the permissions asked by the app – beeshyams Jul 13 '17 at 8:32

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