Lets say i have an app I've recently downloaded and have made an in-app purchase on this app, if i were to uninstall this app and reinstall later on will my in-app purchase still be available? ( also same situation if i where to reboot my device)


First, a reboot will never "revert" your completed IAP, and never should it (unless serious problems with hardware that causes data loss).

When you uninstall and re-install an app (or simply clears its data), then:

  • If that app supports cloud backup, your data will be recovered and nothing is lost or reverted
  • If that app has no backup then:

See Consumable and non-consumable purchases.

  • Consumable purchases are like golds, gems and timed boosts that does not last forever.
  • Non-consumable purchases are like premium unlocks, special characters and coin doublers that lasts forever after purchase.

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