The notification bar takes only a few pixels yet contains so much useful information. Unfortunately, there are some apps (that I otherwise love) that insist on being in full screen, and therefore remove the notification bar from sight.

Is there any way I can force the notification bar to remain while running these apps?

I run rooted Marshmallow with Xposed Framework on a Samsung SM-G900F.

The apps can run on all types of display sizes and aspect ratios, so technically they should be able to do without those pixels on top.

  • Since you have xposed and rooted I have two options for you: 1. AppSettings (xposed) and Xhalo floating window (xposed) Jul 15, 2017 at 13:09

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There is an app for your required feature Status bar in full screen

You can use it with any launcher and it is compatible with Android 2.2+

In the app, you can toggle status bar on/off in fullscreen mode.


Alternatively you can use AppSettings xposed module which also has the feature to disable fulscreen mode:

enter image description here

Or XHalo floating window which creates small floating windows when launching an application instead of full screen.


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