I have a Lenovo A5500-H tablet with a sim card slot and i want to know if i can make calls on it. I hope you can help me fix this.


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According to some sources, the H variant cannot make voice calls, instead it supports Wi-Fi and data (2g/3g) hence the sim slot.

As stated by one user on XDA forums:

This tablets comes in 3 ROM variants; the F, H and HV.

Lenovo H variants are made with the same hardware as their HV variants but a different ROM. H's have 3g data & wifi but not voice calling, HV's have 3d data & wifi & voice calling.

Some users have found a workaround to enable voice calling using some unofficial means:

With most a Lenovo's recent tablets, if you have the 'H' model (3G data only), you can load the firmware for the 'HV' model (3G data with calling) and it will work.

In case you wish to understand more on this topic, read detailed instructions provided on XDA

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