Sorry for newbie question,

I'm running fastboot on windows and sometimes fastboot returns this error

FAILED (data transfer failure (No error))

and when it get this error it continue to send this error until I reboot the PC and re-run it again.

C:\>fastboot.exe -s tcp: flash system_i C:\system.img
target reported max download size of 268435456 bytes
erasing 'system_i'...
OKAY [ 60.543s]
sending sparse 'system_i' 1/2 (262140 KB)...
FAILED (data transfer failure (No error))
finished. total time: 86.195s


Note: it usually happen on large files, but when it happen, it also fails on all other files including small ones until I reboot the PC.

I have not encounter this problem on Linux, it seems it's specific to Windows version, probably fastboot itself or windows setup. (different fastboot version tried).

I search and did not find any complain for this kind of error!

Note: fastboot downloaded from internet. https://developer.android.com


I found the answer: This problem happen in case that the fastboot is not compatible with software version, e.g. when we want to run a fastboot.exe from Windows and connect to a device that has software has been built with Linux machine.

  1. Change USB port
  2. Update USB drivers, Install Intel USB Android driver, uninstall Kies / other USB connecting application.
  3. Change USB cable
  4. Change PC (you might have problem with your board USB or driver)

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