I have copied two dozen pdf's to the DCIM on the Android. How do I access them?

The Adobe Reader offers the following options:

  • My Documents - which points to a directory underneath the Adobe Reader and does not offer any way to configure (no File Open dialog)

  • Local - which only has one file "Getting Started.pdf"

  • Document Cloud
  • DropBox

So .. where is the standard File Open dialog to allow navigation to the directory containing the copied pdf's? This is an 6.0.1 Android device.

Update I also copied the files to the Android/data/com.adobe.reader/files/Downloads directory (where the "Getting Started.pdf" lives). They still do not show up.

  • DCIM? That's for camera images, not documents. – Tom Russell Jun 10 '19 at 8:08

The files that I copied over did eventually show up: after several minutes. The files are showing up now in both the DCIM, Downloads and the Android/data/com.adobe.reader/files/Downloads directories.

It is not clear why the delay .. Simply closing and re-opening the Acrobat Reader did not solve it.


Comments added to PDF files using Adobe Reader on Android are lost forever. So start crying NOW and then you can start picking up your life again sooner.

By lost I mean they are stuck on the device and cannot be moved off the device by any means known to man.

I realize this doesn't answer the OP's question. But my travails led me here.

BTW, Foxit on Android seems to somehow be able to access the comments from the hidden Reader file. I had another copy of the file on the SD Card containing the uncommented file. Opening this file in Reader caused it to save the file in the hidden location. But opening the uncommented file in Foxit seems to have somehow extracted the Reader comments from the hidden file. This seems pretty unlikely, so I suggest testing.

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    This is a reasonable new / separate question: if you format it as such I can upvote. It is not an answer to this question so is - as you noted- not perfectly situated here. good luck! – WestCoastProjects Jun 10 '19 at 14:15

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