I have a Samsung model SM-S120VL phone that I bought through Tracfone. This may be specific to Tracfone, I'm not sure. The problem is at times I can not view text mesages sent to groups and I can not view images sent to me. If I try and send an image in a text the text will time-out and not send. I have correlated these problems with my Tracfone account showing zero in the MB DATA usage available. My son-in-law who is an Android user tells me that MB Data should not have anything to do with text images or my group text problems, so I'm confused. I am thinking about trading in Tracfone as a provider and going with Mobil, though I don't know if I would have the same problems.

Can someone tell me if this is a Tracfone only problem or specific to Android phones?


MMS uses data

The Multimedia Messaging Service uses data. Without data you can't receive or send MMS's. MMS's include photos, videos, audio, or sometimes group texting.

I am also a Trac phone user.

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