After Updating to Marshmallow my PIN is no longer being accepted, USB Debugging is disabled, no root, bootloader is locked, what can I do? Is there anyway to get the data off the device, aside from JTAG or sending it to some data recovery company who can remove the Memory Chip and interface with it directly and copy the data that way. Full Disk Encryption is disabled, is there any way to bypass the lockscreen? And no I haven't forgotten the PIN, its a 4 digit I have been using for 8 months, nobody else has physical access to my phone, so I am pretty sure it has not been changed by someone. Do not suggest factory reset please. There just has to be a way. Android Device Managerr doesn't work either.

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    I said I want to recover my data by getting past the lockscreen, FRP is only a problem when you factory reset your phone but that will wipe all my data. – Matthew Jul 20 '17 at 8:57
  • No direct answer, but a pointer: Have you already checked with our locked-out tag-wiki and followed its links? There's one answer summing up a lot of ways concerning pattern lock. – Izzy Jul 20 '17 at 11:51

Try with this Dr.Fone for Android, it can help you unlock Samsung Galaxy and LG without the passcode, and no data loss.


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