I just installed LineageOS 14.1 using TWRP.

Then, following this guide I downloaded addonsu-arm-signed.zip to my SD card and installed it, also using TWRP.

PROBLEM: Then I installed Titanium Backup from Play Store, an got this message:

enter image description here

Is there a mistake in my procedure?
Is there a missing step?

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on About phone and then tap 7 times on the Build number.
  3. Navigate back, open Developer Options.
  4. Tap Root Access.
  5. Select Apps or Apps and ADB.

Now you have root and Titanium Backup finds it:

enter image description here


I just found I had to switch from ADB only to Apps and ADB. Not sure why, since the issue was with ADB itself.


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