Is there a way to (offline) retrieve app messages (messages that appear with on the top right on the home screen with a small icon of the app)

Without opening the app itself? (or when the app doesn't store these messages)

Or is there an app that I can install that can remember these messages?

I am using a Dtek 50 android 6.0

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Notification History records notifications, toasts, Dialog message and many more.

You can configure it store these either for 30 days or 300 Notifications and view off line

From app description:

(click image for larger variant)

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    Android still (far as I know until 8) has an internal notification log. You have to access it via Nova Launcher / Activities / Settings / Notification Log. I've detailed this in a post below.
    – bobobobo
    Mar 2, 2019 at 21:23

Use Nova Launcher, then once installed, add a "widget" to your Nova Launcher home screen for the "Notification Log". Proof this is possible on Android 8 Oreo:

Notification Log from Nova Launcher

  1. Install Nova Launcher and run it
  2. Long press on your Nova Launcher home screen
  3. Press and hold to add an ACTIVITIES widget (should be near the top)
  4. From there choose a Settings widget
  5. Choose Notification Log
  6. Select your new Notification Log to access the Android Notification Log.

I don't know why Google hid the notification log widget and judging from the huge number of apps in the Play store that offer to record notifications for you, it really is a sought after feature. Thanks to Nova Launcher for making such a great app!

Originally seen in a comment from Javier P on this page. May the gods bless his life.

  • +1. At the time of posting my answer, I wasn't aware of this and later saw that it works on Pie too. Good to have alternatives for users
    – beeshyams
    Mar 3, 2019 at 5:52

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