I have an Samsung A310F with Android 7. I switched off "mobile data using" but every time when i turn on the phone or restart it, the "DRParser Mode"(System application) use my mobile data.

How to block, disable or remove this app?

Thanks for help

Images are here: http://imgur.com/a/RCiPe


There are two apps that you can use to disable unnecessary packages (and in this case DRParser Mode) .

These are Package Disabler and Adhell. Both apps list out all the apps and services installed on the device and let you disable or enable them with a single tap. Most importantly it’s completely reversible and no root is required.

Adhell is a Free, Open Source Ad Blocker with Package Disabler for Samsung Devices, while Adhell is free while Package Disabler costs a little over $1.

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