I am using the id3-tag "comment" field to assign tags that characterize the content of songs to mp3 of my music library. The contents of a comment field of an mp3 file could look like this:

upBeat happy fast bassHeavy

In this example I want to be able to search my library for 'upBeat' and have all songs listed that contain this string in their comment field.

I have a DJ-Software on my laptop that supports this. I want to be able to do the same thing on my Android device. I tried it with shuttle, Poweramp, doubleTwist and phonograph so far. To me it looks like none of them are capable of achieving this.

Are there any players that support this?

If not, is there a different (better?) way of finding all songs belonging to one tag? Moving the same file to a different device (e.g. desktop computer) should not require reassigning the tags.


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Given the limited ability of Android media players to search the "comment" a likely workaround will be using a different field as a search target as suggested here:

In this scenario, pick a lesser useful field such as Album

  • Decide which tags to use e.g upBeat happy fast bassHeavy

  • A good sarting point in doing a batch "clean-up". You can use mp3tag (freeware) on desktop to trim down the information to a minimum.

  • remove everything apart from name, artist, genre, bitrate and date added. That includes deleting the album information (see below for reasons).

  • (Add some information for each tune to the album field instead of “comments” field that now has your key information. Assuming you already set this up, just proceed)

  • Copy the comments field above to the album field. This is the reason of ealier deletion of the original entries at the start,

    (Now if you don’t care what album a track has come from but care what key and mood it has as original author - your Android player has a big album of key tunes of every mood, energy, bpm and genre)

  • You can easily do a quick search to find music belonging to a certain tag with most Android music players available.



Pulsar Music Player will allow you to edit the comment field. The search function will search all fields including the comment field but I found no way to search in only the comment fields. Here's the link:

Pulsar Music Player Pro - Google Play

  • So, I tried Pulsar Player. Maybe I'm just too blind to find it, but: 1) Search function doesn't include the comment tag, I can't find an option to customize that, 2) I can't even find the functionality to add a (smart) playlist from within Pulsar Player
    – evilive
    Commented Sep 23, 2017 at 16:15
  • Pulsar does not support full id3 tag search!
    – Max Arnold
    Commented Jan 4, 2019 at 23:30

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