My Moto X Play (6.0.1, rooted, Xposed installed ) has dual SIM options, which I usually don't use. Recently, I had a need to use two SIMs, borrowed one with generous data allowance and second (personal ) SIM which was halfway to hitting the data cap.

My need was to configure data usage on a per app basis so that :

  • I don't exhaust data on my personal SIM while being able to use mobile number linked accounts like WhatsApp, Uber, banking accounts etc.

  • For all other apps , use the data from borrowed SIM

I couldn't find an app to do this, as is evident from this similar question, which has no responses yet -Is there a way on a DUAL SIM Android phone to configure on a per-app basis, which app uses which sim card to access internet?

How do I configure SIM data usage on per app basis ?

(This is a self answered question to share one way of doing it. You are welcome to post alternate solutions )


Requires Rooted Device, Xposed framework installed, latest version of GravityBox Xposed module and an app - I use Macrodroid

Create a macro in Macrodroid


  • Application Launched → select from the drop down list, all apps you want to use on SIM card linked to banking, WhatsApp, Uber etc (5 apps in example below )

  • Application Launched → select from the drop down list, all apps you want to use on second SIM card (16 apps in example below )

( Make sure that apps don't appear on both lists !)


  • If → + → Trigger Fired → Application Launched 5 apps →

  • Tap End If and add this action - Launch Shortcut → GravityBox actions → SIM settings → SIM 1 for data

Repeat this for second set of apps and choose SIM 2 for data

Constraints: Leave blank

Done !

enter image description here

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