I'm using Gmail on Android 6.0 and almost every time gmail fetch new emails I have notification about old unread emails, each time I got new email the number get bigger (40 right now on my not gmail email that I've got spam sent).

I don't want to click on each email to maker it as read.

Is there a way to turn off notifications for old unread emails and only keep the ones that are for new emails.


As confirmed , the solution that worked is posted below

You can try . I prefer Macrodroid, being easy to learn and free (upto 5 macros)

Create a macro

Trigger: Notification → Notification received → Select Application → Gmail → Text content contains → Enter here the text you see on the unread notifications


  1. Clear Notifications → Clear all

  2. Optional if you don't want notification sound Volume Change → Set notification on slider scale to zero

Constraints​ : Leave blank

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