I am using a Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime smartphone. My battery recently started to show up (I would plug in the charger, and it would charge, but the meter would become stuck). One full discharge solves the problem and the battery charges OK after that, but only once or twice. After that the problem resumes.

I know the battery is being charged because doing a full load drain (screen, flashlight, etc all turned on) takes time to discharge the battery which is already on low percentage so it is definitely a meter fault.

What other options do I have since the full discharge only works once?

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  1. See if the behaviour persists in safe mode

  2. If the behaviour is normal, it would point to a misbehaving app (though, I haven't come across apps causing this). your device​ and check

  3. If the same behaviour continued , flash stock ROM using , since the fuel gauge drivers may be corrupted

For 2 and 3 make sure you back up your data

If none of above helps, service Center is the only option to address hardware issue

  • Apps can't fix this problem
    – beeshyams
    Jul 25, 2017 at 20:01

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