In some new models, when installing a custom recovery, /data partition won't mount. To fix that I need to wipe partition. How can I fix without losing data?


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Android M added support for /data encryption, and Android N made it mandatory.

Old custom recoveries' having trouble mounting /data is primarily because they aren't capable of decrypting it. Newer recoveries will prompt for a password (or pattern) before they attempt to access /data (or nothing if you don't have a locked lockscreen).

Solution: Give up that recovery and get another one, but this time make sure the recovery you're installing supports /data decryption (like TWRP).

  • I'm using the latest version of twrp but it won't ask me for a password. My data partition shows as 0mb and acess to the partition is denied. My device is soft bricked so only have access to the download and the recovery at the moment.
    – hortstu
    Commented Oct 14, 2018 at 8:19

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