I am building an application to run on a smartwatch using Android Studio, and I want to install it onto my LG Smart Watch Sport, but I do not know how to do this with this watch. That's because you can't connect it to a computer; the watch itself is charged by placing it on a charging stand, but I don't see any outlets on the watch.

To debug using wifi, all the sources I have found say you need to connect it via USB, and I can't connect it via bluetooth. Does andybody know if it is even possible to install your own Android Studio apps onto the LG Smart Watch Sport? Thanks!


Check this Creating and Running Wearable Apps

From The Google Android Developers website . It provides a walkthrough on how to do it


To install your application onto an LG Smart Watch Sport, you must do it either via WiFi or Bluetooth because the watch doesn't have a Micro USB port or any port at all. That is why I did it via WiFi.

How to do this on a Mac

  1. Enable WiFi debugging on your device, using the same WiFi as your machine. Keep in mind the IP Adress of the device.
  2. Type cd Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools in Terminal to acces the platform-tools directory.
  3. Now type in ./adb connect your.ip.adress.here:5555

The problem for me was that I was always told to type in adb connect, and not ./adb connect. For some reason, that is the only way it works for me.

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