How about if for an entirely different purpose that BT and WiFi be disabled in my Android tablet? That is to prevent hackers using WiFi or BT weakness points during video chatroom sessions. Only the better-secured cellular data connection be allowed for network connection.

Many times during/after Video chat sessions, I can see that BT app somehow was somehow launched or opened at some point during chat. No idea how it was triggered but it always and only happened during Video chat sessions. It never got triggered randomly at any other times. I'm using Orbot and VPN for Security and Privacy. I never use BT, and WiFi is actually useless for my device to interact with as signals are so weak where I am located five levels down from Grd Level of an old dispirited building (many tenants have left).

For Security and Privacy, can I disable WiFi and BT? I am more concerned with how to do it ?

  • Macrodroid automation is one way. Trigger : app Launched > select your chat app Action :1. WiFi configure > disable WiFi 2. Bluetooth configure > Disable Bluetooth. Check this and revert if it works – beeshyams Jul 30 '17 at 3:38
  • Asking for apps is off topic. Edited the question to prevent closure. You can rollback the edit if you are not fine with it – beeshyams Jul 30 '17 at 4:06

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