my girlfriend set up a pattern lock and we're unable to remove the pattern now. The Settings show the disabled Option and the text: "Admin, Guideline or login data prevent this". So I disabled all device admins, deleted all VPNs, removed all Login Data and found out that this helped nothing. The device is a HUAWEI P8 Lite (no root/no bootloader enabled) running on Marshmallow. Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this problem?

  • Do you have Android Pay or Mobile Iron (for corp access) setup? Maybe those are requiring pattern lock to be enabled. – Alok Jul 31 '17 at 21:37

If you have locked it through third-party app then try this. If there is Advanced Protection enabled on your pattern locking app, then you you need to deactivate the Advance Protection. You can do this by going to Settings >Security >Device Administrator >Uncheck the app. After this disable/force stop/uninstall the app. If you have put pattern on settings too then Goto SafeMode. Google it

Goto SafeMode [Your device brand] [Your device model]

After going into SafeMode do the above steps and after that restart your phone. Hope it will help.

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