I'm trying to log into an SSH server in such a way that I can securely visit websites on my Android phone. I have done the following:

  1. Set up port forwarding for SSH server xyz.org, port 8080 on VX Connectbot (I did this with "Edit port forwards"->"Add port forward")
  2. Logged into xyz.org on VX Connectbot
  3. In Firefox, set:
    • network.proxy.socks=
    • network.proxy.socks_port=8080
    • network.proxy.socks_remote_dns=true

But when I go to whatsmyip.org, the WHOIS lookup shows my cell phone provider, when it should be showing the SSH server. What am I doing wrong?

Is it possible that the SSH server is allowing me to log in, but refusing port forwarding requests? How would I test that?

Or have I incorrectly configured Firefox or VX Connectbot? Or maybe there's something else I have to do in my Connectbot session to start the port forwarding?

Reddit post here

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I ended up using a different SSH server, and setting Firefox config as follows:

  • network.proxy.type=1

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