As the title suggests, is it possible on Android N (7.0/7.1)?

I Googled around but all solution suggests that I format /data. And if I keep using the stock ROM without flashing Forced Encryption Disabler it'll be encrypted again. So I wonder if it's possible to manually decrypt /data.

I'm using OnePlus 5, whose stock system is very similar to AOSP.

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  • Your question is not clear. It would help if you post you device, rom, etc... – user218076 Aug 6 '17 at 5:12

Stock ROM 4 1+ 5 is OxygenOS.

No, u cannot decrypt, but can only remove with format - not wipe.

Currently, working with 1+ 5; though I haven't seen similarity with AOSP, default is FBE.

U can modify fstab.qcom with encryptable flag, hence no forced FDE or FBE.

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