It's a doubt basically!!

Consider if I am asking a friend to turn on Hotspot then I am turning on WiFi connecting to that phone.

Now consider in case of router, if I am connecting to that router but people say I am connecting to a WiFi and not Hotspot?¿?¿

Then what is created by a router, WiFi or Hotspot?

It's a confusion!!

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A Hotspot is simply a space where a device (an access point) is hosting a Wi-Fi. When it is in public we call it public [Wi-Fi] hotspot. When it is for private individuals only it is simply Wi-Fi to us. Either way, the difference is in the name only.

When you ask a friend to create a hotspot, you are asking them to host a Wi-Fi using their mobile device. When their Wi-Fi also provides internet access through mobile data, than we simply call that mobile hotspot. Either way, that is still a Wi-Fi to your device as much as the Wi-Fi created through a router.

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