I have a laptop with a 20V 2.25A charger and a phone that supports QC 3.0. In theory, 3.0 has support for up to 20V, but I am not sure if I can use the laptop charger with the phone given that the charger is not necessarily QC approved. Both devices are USB C.



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Quick charging is not just about Voltage or current in isolation. It is about varying both to deliver the right amount of power ( = product of voltage and current ) as required. Read more here Fast Charging by Qualcomm 3.0- impact on battery?

Besides, the device detects if the charger is quick charge or not. If it is not, then it acts as of it is connected to a normal charger, which is rated 5V, 2A , far lower than the one you want to try

To answer your question - NO, not advised


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