so I have been playing on Bluestacks for a little over a year now and I had to update it; but when I did I encountered a bug or something; just I just kept getting the load screen I reported it a few times. ( I could still go to settings but that was it )

Eventually I backed everything up (all my data and apps) and uninstalled it, then reinstalled but when I reinstalled it auto went to Bluestacks v3.

I really don't mind using whatever Bluestacks they bring out BUT I can not find out how to "restore" my backup onto the new Bluestacks

how do I get my apps and data from those apps back; I have looked this up multiple places but most seem to be directed at the older verisons of Bluestacks

please help! I bought (yes paid real money) for some of these apps

over 400$ worth (over time) ;v;

  • Starting with an assumption that you have backed up the data via copying BlueStacks and BlueStacksSetup folder from C:/ProgramData.

Some steps you have to follow:

  1. Enable Hidden files in Windows 7/8/8.1/10, see here.
  2. Uninstall any BlueStacks version if installed without deleting the data or copy the backed up data in any other drive/folder.
  3. After Installation, go to C:/ProgramData and Copy those backed up folders "BlueStacks and BlueStacksSetup"

  4. Then install BlueStacks (Any version you want) and it will
    load/restore all your data/apps.

Note that "C" here is your windows drive.

  • Restoring Backup made using Bluestack itself

1. Copy UserData folder to C:/ProgramData/BlueStacks and overwrite existing.
2. Restart BlueStacks


Note - If there's no BlueStacks folder in ProgramData, create one.


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