I have a Samsung galaxy j1, and I have the google drive and docs apps installed. When I try to open a document from drive, I get an error. When I try to open docs, I get an error. enter image description here

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You could try one of the few methods described to have been useful:

  1. Clearing cache and data of Google drive and(/or) Google+

    • Settings >> Apps >> Google drive >> Force stop >> Clear cache and data. Do this for Google+.

After this try disabling and reenabling sync:

  • Go to Settings >> Account >> Select your account >> disable Drive, >> Goggle+, and re-enable the sync.

  • Restart Google Drive.

  1. Disabling ipv6 in Wi-Fi settings

There is some evidence that the ipv6 setting in some routers, kills Google drive functionality, and the workaround proposed by one user was disabling the setting:

How you do this depends on your router. In the case of my NVG589 router (AT&T U-verse), it turned out to be very simple: log into your router as an admin, go to Home Network >> Configure. Then turn off IPv6 in the dropdown and click Save. I rebooted my phone to be sure I established all new connections to the router.Google Drive (Sheets and Docs, too) has been working fine since.


  • Thanks, I tried clearing the cache a few times, force stopping the app... didn't work. In the end I just uninstalled and reinstalled both apps and they're working fine now.
    – yaakov
    Commented Aug 25, 2017 at 23:03

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