I installed Android-x86 6.0-r3.iso in VirtualBox Manager 5.1.22_Ubuntu (Ubuntu 17.04). Now I want to enable location service. Here I read that I have 3 options if I would have installed a developer environment, unfortunately I haven't.

  1. Using Android Studio
  2. Using DDMS (which is also part of Android Studio)
  3. Using the "geo" command in the emulator console

I couldn't figured out point 3 with respect to virtualbox. A fourth solution should be to install a fake GPS location App and select this App as Mock location App under developer options.

enter image description here

But I think it doesn't work because a standard App like "Pokemon Go" does not recognize the location. It end up with a 90° rotated display and a loading page:

enter image description here

How can I test if Fake GPS does work or setup GPS location that "Pokemon Go" will apply for?

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