I've set up a Device Shutdown event on Tasker, and I'm trying to use it to send an SMS text before the device dies due to the battery dying. I've got:

Event: Device Shutdown -> Task: Phone: Send SMS

Send SMS is set up currently to just send to myself for testing, but it's not working. I was hoping to have it send a text to the last sender if the last text received was less than 10 minutes ago, and the battery is below 3%, but I can't even get it to just send a simple text without conditions.

According to the tasker help file:

The phone is about to shutdown (completely turned off, not standby).

Note: this is right before shutdown. You might backup a file or similar, but UI interactions such as dialogs and anything that takes a significant amount of time will not work.

From this note, my guess is that Send SMS takes too long to execute, however I thought I'd throw this question out anyway.


You should use State > Battery Level as a profile context with minimum and maximum battery as 3%.

In the task, You can use %SMSRN to get phone number of last received SMS.

Then to check the condition of whether Last SMS text is received less than 10 minutes.

%TIMES has the current time in seconds. You need to use Variable Convert to get %SMSRT time in seconds and then do maths on the two values,

You can also use the / and % maths operator to get things like 'remaining minutes'.


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