I recently applied the Android Nougat 7.1.1 update to my partner's Wileyfox Swift. This update replaced Cyanogen with a more stock install. Since the update, mobile data no longer works. Symptoms:

  • In the status menu, it says "Emergency Calls Only", but the phone can in fact make calls and send texts as normal.
  • In Systems > SIM cards, it shows the SIM card for Three UK ('3') installed in slot 1.
    • Under "Preferred SIM for", it says "Mobile data: Selection required", but this item is greyed out so no selection can be made. (For Calls and SMS messages, it correctly shows that the '3' SIM is selected.
  • In Settings > Data usage, under '3' it shows that mobile data is enabled.
  • In Settings > Mobile network settings > APNs, it shows the '3 UK' APN selected. APN details are as specified on the three.co.uk website.
  • In Settings > About phone > Status > SIM Status, it shows the network (3), Signal strength (-73 dBm 20 asu), Mobile network type (HSPA), Service status (In service), Mobile network status (disconnected) and My phone number (Unknown).

I have tried rebooting, as well as booting without sim then rebooting with.

What could be preventing mobile data from working after an update to 7.1.1?

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Overall it looks like a issue related to the kernel. I would say it would be possible to fix this just by installing another version and/or install a custom kernel which very likely fix this issue if it is related to the kernel. While you are trying this I would also recommend contacting the developer and reporting this issue. Also try another Simcard slot if you can. I had a similar issue sometimes with my phone too but a reboot fixed the issue usually.


I managed to make it work, buy following the instructions below:

  1. Wiped the cache (not sure if this is related or not, but I did it)
  2. Removed All APNs, disable mobile data, Reboot the phone
  3. Create a new APN and set "Bearer type" of the APN to "GPRS,LTE,EDGE" and un-checked the first item "unspecified", and save the APN.
    1. Reboot the phone, Enable mobile data.

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